Eaton E-series Enclosure Baying Kit ERA010

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Brand : EATON
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Grade: analytical standard, Vapor density: 6.15 (vs air), Form: neat, Autoignition temp.: 1004 °F, Packaging: vial of 250 mg, Solubility: alcohols: soluble, Benzene: soluble, Chloroform: soluble, Hydronaphthalenes: soluble, Featured Industry: Environmental, Forensics and Toxicology, Format: neat, Storage temp.: room temp, Warranty: 01 Year   Use Baying Kit to join two or more Racks together.
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Product Description

Manufacture # Eaton  | Model # ERA010


Use Baying Kit to join two or more Racks together.



  • Bays two or more racks together
  • Bays at front and rear frame
  • Lines ERA010 up the rack
  • ERA010 Improves rack stability
  • RoHS compliant
  • Conforms to ASTM D160-01 and ASTM B117 (500 hours salt spray test).



  • Format: Neat
  • Storage Temp.: Room Temp
  • Smiles String: C1ccc2cc3ccccc3cc2c1
  • Inchi: 1s/C14h10/C1-2-6-12-10-14-8-4-3-7-13(14)9-11(12)5-1/H1-10h


Manufacturer Warranty: 01 Year Limited Warranty

Technical Specifications

grade   analytical standard
vapor density   6.15 (vs air)
vapor pressure   1 mmHg ( 145 °C)
form   neat
autoignition temp.   1004 °F
packaging   vial of 250 mg
mfr. no.   Cerilliant ®
bp   340 ° C (lit.)
mp   210-215 ° C (lit.)
solubility   alcohols: soluble
benzene: soluble
chloroform: soluble
hydronaphthalenes: soluble
>supercritical carbon dioxide: soluble
Featured Industry   Environmental
Forensics and Toxicology
format   neat
storage temp.   room temp
SMILES string   c1ccc2cc3ccccc3cc2c1
InChI   1S/C14H10/c1-2-6-12-10-14-8-4-3-7-13(14)9-11(12)5-1/h1-10H


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