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Laptop these days are most commonly used part in every household and because of their use they tend to breakdown quicker as well. There can be many problems with laptop and following is just a af ew to mention:

There are a variety of reasons why a laptop may need repair. Here are some of the most common reasons:

  • Hardware issues: This can include problems with the screen, keyboard, touchpad, battery, or other components. These issues can be caused by physical damage or wear and tear over time
  • Broken screens: The issue with broken screen is quite common these days. Screens can be touch screens, non-touch screens, FHD or QHD, HD screens are more common, We have many screens in ready stock available for replacement and turnaround time is not too long either. Any screens available in our warehouse can be replaced within the same day or next day and any other screens to be ordered may take few days longer.
  • Software issues: This can include problems with the operating system, virus or malware infections, or issues with specific software programs. These issues can often be resolved by reinstalling or updating software.

  • Overheating: Laptops can overheat if the internal cooling system isn't working properly. This can be caused by a clogged or damaged fan, or by dust and debris buildup inside the laptop.

  • Power issues: Laptops may have problems with their power supply, battery, or charging port. This can cause the laptop to not turn on or to not hold a charge.

  • Data recovery: In some cases, laptops may need to be repaired in order to recover important data that has been lost due to a hard drive failure, accidental deletion, or other issues.

If you are experiencing any of these issues with your laptop, it is recommended that you bring it to a professional laptop repair shop for diagnosis and repair.

Common problems are broken hinges or cover (top and bottom), dc jack not charging, broken screens and others. We are here to help you with everything to do with complete laptop repairs. We can repair broken laptop screens or touch screen. Broken laptop screen repair cost varies which start from $140. Screen prices goes higher depending on the following factors:


  • Touch screen or non touchscreen
  • HD,FHD, 4k or any others
  • profile of the screen slim thin or normal
  • size of the screen, smaller and compact they are, more expensive they will go in price


We can fix most issues with the laptop but there are a few issues which goes beyond any fix applied. A broken screen is one of the few main ones customers bring their laptop, macbooks and surface to our workplace and broken screen replacements are done very quickly within our workshop in Seven Hills. Some in stock broken screens are changed with in 1 to 2 days in our technical centre in Seven Hills. 


Please use this form to send us all information including pictures so we can quote you properly with right amount.


Laptop repairs for all major brands are available at Zylax laptop repair centre, Seven Hills,  including  HP, Dell, Asus, Toshiba, Sony, Microsoft Surface, Acer or Apple Macbooks.


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