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When getting your desktop or mini pc repaired, Zylax Computers Repairs, Seven Hills is the place to go.  We can repair most mini-PC's & Desktop Computers. Most common bugs or faults can occur due to many reasons including damage due to virus or spyware, malicious software, registry keys or by not updating or cleaning your computers regularly. One of the most important things you can do to speed up a desktop computer is to upgrade the older SATA drive to new SSD drive. We can install and upgrade SSD drive in desktop pc at ease. You can chose the SSD drives you want from a vast range of SSD drive we sell online . We can retain your data most of the time but it is always advisable to backup your data before you bring it in to you workshop.


These are few of the many computer services we can provide you in our computer repair centre in Seven Hills, Sydney:

  • Virus Removal
  • Hardware Repairs
  • Dekstop computer hard drive upgrades to faster SSD drives
  • Operating System install on the new drives and OS refresh
  • Data Recovery & Backup
  • Troubleshooting and Network Support
  • Accessories Repair
  • Operating Systems Updates
  • Motherboard Repair or replacements
  • Memory update or replacements

We have 30+ years experience running a computer repair services within Seven Hills (Hills area of Sydney). We offer a wide range of services to help you fix your computer, from software setup and installation to computer parts replacement and repairs. Our team of experienced and certified technicians are dedicated to providing you with the best possible service, and we offer a complete money back guarantee within 30 days or repair, if you're not satisfied. Contact us today to get started. We can manage the computers remotely within Australia for any major PC brands and sell most types computer components online. At Zylax we can source many computer parts to repair your computer or mini pc.

Service Pricing at a Glance:

Part Installation-$55

Refreshing your Operating System (OS)-$110


Conveniently located right across from Bunnings, Seven Hills and the driveway next to Hungry Jacks on the top ramp of warehouses with ample parking spaces, our computer repair centre in Seven Hills can handle most computer laptop issues you have.


Our simple policy is no fix no charge and moreover all our pc/laptop repair work comes with 3 month warranty and hardware used for repairs comes with 1 year warranty. You can park right in front of the warehouse with ample parking available.


Onsite computer service is also available for selected locations within Sydney. We offer on-demand online support for almost 80% of problem faced in today computer age with the help of remote tools for Australian support. Computer and PC support packages are also available after we have serviced your computer and desktop for house holder / home computer user and small business / home business (SMB)



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If you have any repair related question, Please don’t hesitate to send us a message


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the most common Windows errors?
  1. Runtime errors
  2. Syntax Errors
  3. Interface Errors
  4. Resource Errors
  5. Compilation Errors

Few of the common errors users encounter are windows loading problems, slow shudtdown or restart of windows including slow applications loading. Most of these problems can be fixed by either upgrading the older drives to newer SSD or NVMe drives and upgrading RAM (if ram is not soldered on the board. Sometime refreshing Windows or reinstalling window can fix many issues or driver conflicts

How much does it cost to have someone fix a computer?

It depend on the work to be done, formatting a pc start from around $110 (not including backup) and troubleshooting more complext tasks can be costly and can take longer to finish

Is it cheaper to repair or replace computer?

If computer is in working order and does not give problem than it may be just requiring a OS refresh or may be a new faster SSD drives, which can cost just about $250 above. So it all depend on factors like how old the pc is, how well it is kept, how much usage require and if there is any need of getting a newer one

What is the lifespan of a desktop Computer or PC?

A decent desktop pc with good components can last you anything above 5 years, infact we stil have PC's build by Zylax since 2009 or before and in use at some client site. It all depend on how well a user maintain that, which will include a good antivirus, regular updates of OS

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