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Zylax Computers is a rapidly growing established computer store with our retail business that compliments the services we have to offer. We carry various brands of Computer parts and cables that are of high quality as we are one of the most reliable online computer stores in Australia. With over 35 years of qualified experience, we are fully equipped and have full most vendor support to provide services like fixing computers and laptops, networking, and server management. You will be able to find and purchase any products you desire through our online website no matter where you are as we operate for Australia wide deliveries.

We aim to prioritise our customers and empower everyone with the use of technology by assisting our customers in finding the right products for them, so come and visit Zylax Computers online or in-store for all your technological requests.

We strive for everyone to be able to follow through with their technological needs and find what they are looking for, so Zylax Computers is the place for you with the numerous products we have to offer in-store and online. We sell Computer parts, Accessories, Systems, Hardware, networking products and a varied full range of many more computer related products to cater for everyone across Australia with our high quality products at an affordable price.

At Zylax Computers we believe that technology is meant for everyone so we aspire to have exceedingly premium and high quality products for an affordable price to suit everyone’s pocket. Because of this, you will be able to find everything you need at our store for a very affordable price as we often price match with our competitors.

Zylax Computers is known for carrying the most reliable products as most of our products are of well-known high quality brands such as Garmin, HP, logitech, Samsung and many more. We supply a great variety of products from these brands such as watches, laptops, and Computer parts for an exceptionally affordable price.

We carry a great deal of products from high-end companies that suits everyone's taste and price range as our goal is to make sure all our customers are satisfied with their purchases. Come visit Zylax Computers in-store or online if you're looking to purchase technology from a certain brand at an affordable price.

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Free shipping on half the catalog items

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Secure payment with no Surcharge

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Experienced staff with Technical Knowledge

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All our stock is locally sourced with local warranties

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