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It is very important to keep our computer clean from dust and other particles and should be done carefully without damaging computer parts. offers Computer cleaning protection accessories that will help keep your computer parts safe during cleaning. Shop online for computer accessories.

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Verbatim 66609, 100% Wood pulp wet strength paper, Water 59.83%, Alcohol 40%, DMDM Hydantoin 0.1%, Benzalkonium chloride 0.07%, Wipe Size 12 x 15(mm), Wipes 25pcs. Verbatim Lens Cleaning Wipes - 25pcs (66609).
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Verbatim Cleaning Kit 66610, Natural Chemicals 100%, Liquid 99% Deionized Water + 1% Cleaning Solution (EMAL 70C, PANNOX 79, Glycacil 2000), Microfibre Cloth 20 x 20cm. Combining a microfibre cloth with a bottle of premium screen cleaning spray, this cleaning kit is a fantastic addition to your office.
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Verbatim Screen Wipes 66608, 100% Natural Chemicals, Liquid 99% Deionized Water + 1% Cleaning Solution (EMAL 70C, PANNOX 79, Glycacil 2000), Wipe 100% Wood Pulp, 100 Wet Wipes.   Verbatim Screen Wipes - 100pcs (66608).
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Haze-Free & Anti-Static Formulation: non-toxic, odorless, alcohol-free Ammonia-free -- does not harm the coating of your screen and damage your screen's sensitive surface Spray Bottle: for easy application The SC-1 is a screen cleaning gel kit for any screen including TVs, laptops, cell phones, PDAs, MP3 players, CDs, DVDs, glass furniture and eyeglasses. It was created to make sure you have the highest quality.
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8ware Air Duster Compressed Can Spray AD-400, Can Spray 400ml Inflammable High Pres AD-400, Lens 400 mL, 8WARE Air Duster Keyboard, Notebook, Desktop Computer, Projector, Gaming, Console, Optical Disc. Air Duster blows dust & microscopic debris from hard to reach places without touching or rubbing delicate electronics or lenses. Features a removable extension nozzle. 
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Generic OXHORN Professional Multi-purpose Air Duster 400ML 285G AD-400-AU
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KENSINGTON 55789 Anti Fatigue Floor, Black, High Density Foam, Rounded Edge, Non-slip base. The Kensington Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat has a non-slip base, made from high-density foam, the soft composition of the mat provides relief from constant standing.
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Generic Midea MDDM20 Cube Dehumidifier
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