DrayTek Vigor 2765 VDSL2 35b SPI Firewall 3x GbE LAN Router

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Fixed WAN Port: 1x RJ-11 for VDSL2 35b or ADSL2/2+, LAN/WAN Switchable Port: 1x 10/100/1000Base-TX RJ-45, Fixed LAN Port: 5x 10/100/1000Base-TX RJ-45, USB Port: 2x USB 2.0, 2.4G WLAN: 802.11n 2x2 MIMO 400Mbps (ac model), 5G WLAN: 802.11ac Wave 2 2x2 MU-MIMO 867Mbps (ac model), FXS RJ-11: 2 (V model), NAT Throughput: 800 Mbps, SSL VPN Performance: 130 Mbps, IPsec VPN Performance: 300 Mbps (AES 256 bits), Max. Number of NAT Sessions: 60000, Max. Concurrent VPN Tunnels: 32, Max. Concurrent OpenVPN + SSL VPN: 16, Warranty: 02 Years Limited Warranty
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Product Description

Manufacture # Draytek | Model # DV2765


Vigor2865 Series is a VDSL2 35b/ADSL2+ Security Firewall router integrating a DSL modem which is compatible with variants of ADSL and VDSL, including profile 35b supervectoring. There is also a Gigabit Ethernet WAN port for broadband connections to share the traffic load or serve as a failover connection. 3G/4G/LTE USB modem can also be attached to the USB ports of the router. The 2865 LTE series includes models with built-in 802.11ac Wave 2 wireless standard and VoIP gateway.



  • NBN (National Broadband Network – Australia) Ready
  • UFB (Ultra-Fast Broadband – New Zealand) Ready
  • 1 x VDSL2 35b/ADSL2+ WAN port
  • 35b Supervectoring VDSL2
  • 1 x configurable GbE WAN/LAN port (P4)
  • 3 x Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports with 50,000 NAT sessions
  • 2 x USB ports for 3G/4G LTE mobile broadband access, USB printer and storage
  • Object-based SPI Firewall, CSM (Content Security Management) and QoS for network security
  • IPv6 & IPv4
  • 2 x VPN tunnels including 2 x SSL-VPN tunnels
  • IPsec VPN throughput at 200 Mbps (AES 256 bits)
  • Integrated IEEE 802.11ac (AC1300) wireless Access Point (Vac/ac model)
  • 2 x FXS VoIP (Vac model)
  • Supports VigorACS 2 and VigorACS 3 Central Management Software for remote management



  • Fixed WAN Port: 1x RJ-11 for VDSL2 35b or ADSL2/2+
  • LAN/WAN Switchable Port: 1x 10/100/1000Base-TX RJ-45
  • Fixed LAN Port: 5x 10/100/1000Base-TX RJ-45
  • USB Port: 2x USB 2.0
  • Wirelss Antenna: 2x External Dipole, Gain: 4 dBi for 5GHz, 2 dBi for 2.4GHz, (ac model)


Manufacturer Warranty: 02 Years Limited Warranty


Vigor2765 Series

Single WAN VDSL2 35b Router with 1 x configurable GbE WAN/LAN port, 3 x GbE LAN ports, SPI Firewall, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, 2 x VPN tunnels including 2 x SSL VPN, and supports SOS/ROC for NBN internet connection

35b Supervectoring VDSL2/Ethernet Routers for Professionals

The Vigor2765 Series are 35b Supervectoring VDSL2 modem, firewall and VPN routers. All models have 4 x GbE LAN ports, one of which is switchable to be a backup Ethernet WAN interface. They’re highly configurable with an abundance of features including web content filtering, bandwidth limiting, QoS and lots more. Perfect for professional users who would like to take full control of the network. The series includes models with built-in 802.11ac Wave 2 Wi-Fi and VoIP gateway.

VDSL2 35b

Download speed up to 300 Mbps

600 Mbps

Max. NAT Throughput

2x VPN tunnels

Support IKEv2, SSL VPN, and OpenVPN

50k NAT sessions

Recommended for a network of up to 30+ devices

1. WLAN/WPS Button (ac/Vac model)
2. Reset Button
3. 2 x USB ports 2.0 for 3G/4G LTE mobile broadband access, USB printer and storage
4. GbE LAN/WAN Switchable Port: 1x GbE RJ-45
5. Fixed LAN Ports: 3x GbE RJ-45
6. 1x RJ-11 for VDSL2 35b/ADSL2/2+
7. Power On/Off Switch
8. Power Input
9. Wireless Antenna (ac/Vac model)

Performance Comparison: Vigor2765 vs. Vigor2762

Key Features

35b Supervectoring Modem

Integrated VDSL modem with 35b Supervectoring compatibility and VDSL2/ADSL2+ fallback.


Free DDNS service to access the router using a fixed hostname of your choice.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Build a secure and private tunnel from the LAN of the Vigor2765 Series to remote offices and teleworkers over the Internet.

Firewall & Content Filter

Filter web pages by URL keywords or web category to block access to insecure or inappropriate content.

Bandwidth Management

Prevent one device using all the bandwidth by bandwidth limit policy, session limit policy, and QoS settings.

Hotspot Web Portal

Market your business and communicate with guests by offering hospitality Wi-Fi.

VoIP Friendly

Vigor2765 Series can do port forwarding and reserve bandwidth for VoIP traffic automatically, making VoIP setup effortless.

Central AP Management

Use the Vigor2765 Series router as a wireless controller to maintain and monitor the VigorAPs.

Hardware Acceleration

Without sacrificing traffic control features such as QoS, Bandwidth Limit, WAN Budget, Traffic Graph and Data Flow Monitor, Hardware Acceleration enhances performance for:

  • NAT & routing connections
  • QoS

Hardware NAT & Routing

With Hardware Acceleration and Hardware QoS enabled, the router supports up to 2k NAT and routing connections, and firewall performance reaching 940Mbps on either xDSL WAN ( VDSL2 35b/G.fast) or Ethernet WAN.

Hardware QoS

Hardware QoS allows prioritization of applications and services on DrayTek routers, to improve performance of critical applications such as VoIP, conferencing and video streaming, etc. Furthermore, it allows flexible bandwidth allocation to suit business requirements.

Assisted Wi-Fi Roaming – built-in in selected Wi-Fi Vigor Routers and all Vigor Access Points

Extend Transmission Range

When a Wi-Fi client moves out of its effective transmission range which is defined by the Basic Rate and/or Received Signal Strength threshold, the AP forces the Wi-Fi client to pick up a nearby access point with stronger signals thereby extending the range.

Improve Data Rates

When the “Minimum RSSI with Adjacent AP” option is set, APs or routers on the same local subnet will exchange client information with each other and switch to the AP or router that has the strongest signal, ensuring that data rates can be as good as possible.

Better User Experience

Instead of ineffective transmission with low basic rates or RSSI, the better links provide better user experience while saving the airtime.

No Controller Required

Assisted Roaming is a built-in feature in all Vigor Access Points and a number of Wi-Fi routers; it saves the need for an ad-hoc wireless controller and is an ideal solution for simple network deployments.

Technical Specifications

Fixed WAN Port 1x RJ-11 for VDSL2 35b or ADSL2/2+
LAN/WAN Switchable Port 1x 10/100/1000Base-TX RJ-45
Fixed LAN Port 5x 10/100/1000Base-TX RJ-45
USB Port 2x USB 2.0
Wirelss Antenna 2x External Dipole, Gain: 4 dBi for 5GHz, 2 dBi for 2.4GHz, (ac model)
2.4G WLAN 802.11n 2x2 MIMO 400Mbps (ac model)
5G WLAN 802.11ac Wave 2 2x2 MU-MIMO 867Mbps (ac model)
FXS RJ-11 2 (V model)
NAT Throughput 800 Mbps
NAT Throughput w/ Hardware Acceleration 940 Mbps (Ethernet WAN), 1.3 Gbps (Ethernet WAN + DSL WAN)
SSL VPN Performance 130 Mbps
IPsec VPN Performance 300 Mbps (AES 256 bits)
Max. Number of NAT Sessions 60000
Max. Concurrent VPN Tunnels 32
Max. Concurrent OpenVPN + SSL VPN 16

Product Review


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