LENOVO Flex System Fc5022 24-port 16gb San 00Y3324

Brand : LENOVO
SKU : 00Y3324
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Flex System FC5022 24-port 16Gb SAN Scalable Switch

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Product Description

Master VBFP70-BP1 7.2V 1500mAh LiIon Video/Camcorder battery suits Sony


Specification :


Model No VBFP70-BP1
 Description Video & Camcorder Battery
  Application Video & Camcorder
  Chemistry Lithium Ion (LiIon)
  Voltage 7.2 V
  Capacity 1500mAh
  Brand Master
  Width 31.8mm
  Height 33.4mm
  Length 45.5mm
  Weight 82g
  Suitable For: Sony DCR-30
Sony DCR-DVD103
Sony DCR-DVD105
Sony DCR-DVD105E
Sony DCR-DVD202E
Sony DCR-DVD203
Sony DCR-DVD203E
Sony DCR-DVD205
Sony DCR-DVD205E
Sony DCR-DVD304E
Sony DCR-DVD305
Sony DCR-DVD305E
Sony DCR-DVD403
Sony DCR-DVD403E
Sony DCR-DVD404E
Sony DCR-DVD405
Sony DCR-DVD405E
Sony DCR-DVD505
Sony DCR-DVD505E
Sony DCR-DVD602
Sony DCR-DVD602E
Sony DCR-DVD605
Sony DCR-DVD605E
Sony DCR-DVD653
Sony DCR-DVD653E
Sony DCR-DVD703
Sony DCR-DVD703E
Sony DCR-DVD705
Sony DCR-DVD705E
Sony DCR-DVD755
Sony DCR-DVD755E
Sony DCR-DVD803
Sony DCR-DVD803E
Sony DCR-DVD805
Sony DCR-DVD805E
Sony DCR-DVD905
Sony DCR-DVD905E
Sony DCR-DVD92
Sony DCR-HC16
Sony DCR-HC16E
Sony DCR-HC17
Sony DCR-HC17E
Sony DCR-HC18
Sony DCR-HC18E
Sony DCR-HC19E
Sony DCR-HC20
Sony DCR-HC20E
Sony DCR-HC21
Sony DCR-HC21E
Sony DCR-HC22E
Sony DCR-HC23E
Sony DCR-HC24E
Sony DCR-HC26
Sony DCR-HC26E
Sony DCR-HC27E
Sony DCR-HC28
Sony DCR-HC30
Sony DCR-HC30E
Sony DCR-HC30G
Sony DCR-HC30L
Sony DCR-HC30S
Sony DCR-HC32
Sony DCR-HC32E
Sony DCR-HC33E
Sony DCR-HC35E
Sony DCR-HC36
Sony DCR-HC36E
Sony DCR-HC39E
Sony DCR-HC40
Sony DCR-HC40E
Sony DCR-HC40S
Sony DCR-HC40W
Sony DCR-HC41
Sony DCR-HC42
Sony DCR-HC42E
Sony DCR-HC43E
Sony DCR-HC44E
Sony DCR-HC46
Sony DCR-HC46E
Sony DCR-HC65
Sony DCR-HC85
Sony DCR-HC85E
Sony DCR-HC94E
Sony DCR-HC96
Sony DCR-HC96E
Sony DCR-SR100
Sony DCR-SR100E
Sony DCR-SR30E
Sony DCR-SR40
Sony DCR-SR40E
Sony DCR-SR50
Sony DCR-SR50E
Sony DCR-SR60
Sony DCR-SR60E
Sony DCR-SR70E
Sony DCR-SR80
Sony DCR-SR80E
Sony DCR-SR90E
Sony HDR-HC3
Compatible With
Sony NP-FP30
Sony NP-FP40
Sony NP-FP50
Sony NP-FP60
Sony NP-FP70
Sony NP-FP71
Sony NP-FP90



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