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All your need for server system and software solution can be accomplished Zylax Computers Australian store. Tower server, software, HP server, and other various options are available online at Zylax. We offer products which are of assured quality and technology based. Zylax Computers online store has various options available for different types of server.

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Cisco Ucs Sp Select 6332-16up Fi/no Psu/24 ( Ucs-sp-fi633216-2x )
ASUS Lga2011-3 Server Z10PH-D16
Hpe Ml30 G10 E-2224 (1/1) 8gb (1/4)sata-lff-3.5-nhp(0/4)s100 P16926-371
Hpe Ml30 G10 E-2224 (1/1) 16gb (1/4)sata-lff-3.5 Hp(0/4)s100 P16928-371
Hpe Ml30 G10 E-2224(1/1) 16gb(1/4) Sata-sff(0/8) S100i P16930-371
Hpe Ml110 G10 4208(1/1) 16gb Sata(0/4) Hp-3.5(lff) S100i 550w Ps Twr P10812-371
Hpe Ml110 G10 3204(1/1) 8gb (1/6) Sata(0/4) Nhp-3.5 (lff) S100i 350w P10806-371
Hpe Ml30 G10 E-223416gb (1/4) Sata-lff-3.5 Hp (0/4) S100 P16929-371
Hpe Ml110 G10 3206r (1/1) 16gb(1/6)sata-3.5 (0/8) S100i (sata Only) P21439-371
Hpe Ml110 G10 4210r(1/1) 16gb(0/6) Sata/sas (0/8) Hp-2.5(sff) P21449-371
Hpe Intel Xeon-g 5218r Kit For Ml350 G10 P24169-B21
Hpe Ml350 Gen10 3206r (1/2) 16gb(1/12)sata Lff 3.5(0/4)s100i- P21786-371
Hpe Ml350 Gen10 4210r (1/2) 16gb(1/12)sata/sas-2.5(0/8)p408i- P21788-371
Hpe Ml110 G10 3204(1/1) 16gb(1/6) Sata(0/4) Hp-3.5 (lff) S100i 550w P P10811-371
Hpe Ml350 Gen10 4208 (1/2) 16gb(1/12)sata-3.5(0/4)e208i- wr3yr P11050-371
Cisco 2.2 Ghz 5120/105w 14c/19.25mb Cache/ddr4 2400mhz ( Hx-cpu-5120 )
Hpe Ml350 Gen10 4214r (1/2) 32gb(1/12)sata/sas 2.5(0/8)p408i- P21789-371
Hpe Ml350 Gen10 3204 (1/2) 16gb(1/12)sata-3.5(0/4) wr3yr P11049-371
Hpe Ml350 Gen10 4208 (1/2) 16gb(1/12)sata/sas-2.5(0/8)p408i- P22094-371
Hpe Ml350 Gen10 4210 (1/2) 16gb(1/12)sata/sas-2.5(0/8)p408i P11051-371
Hpe Ml350 Gen10 5218r (1/2) 32gb(1/12)sata/sas 2.5(0/8)p408i P25008-371
Hpe Ml350 Gen10 4214 (1/2) 32gb(1/12)sata/sas-2.5(0/8)p408i- P11052-371
Hpe Ml350 Gen10 5218 (1/2) 32gb(1/12)sata/sas-2.5(0/8)p408i- P11053-371
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