ADOBE Plat Ext-prod Prt 10 Box Product Windows 65133705

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ADOBE 65133705 Plat Ext-prod Prt 10 Box Product Windows Dvd 1 User
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Kensington ACCO KTG Clicksafe Point To Point Keyed Lock (64998) The ClickSafe® Point 2 Point Keyed Lock is the perfect solution for securing an iPad® to a Point-of-Sale stand (POS), for security that's both easy to use and won't interfere with the user experience. Just click the ClickSafe Point 2 Point Keyed Lock to the anchor on your SecureBack™ enclosure, and then connect the other side to either the included ClickSafe anchor point or one of many popular POS stands, including those from HubWorks, Solvelt, and Square.


- Dual head ClickSafe lock secures to both your SecureBack security case and ClickSafe Security Anchor.
- ClickSafe secures in a click with no keys and no fiddling.
- Nearly impenetrable disk style keyed locking mechanism.
- Create the perfect anchor point with the included M6 or (wood screw) CSA anchor.
- Compatible with popular POS stands, including those from HubWorks, Solvelt, and Square.
- Portable cable stretches to 1.8m then self-coils to stay out of the way.
- Can also secure any laptop with the included ClickSafe Security Anchor.


Brand Kensington
Model K64998WW
Accessory Type Lock
Cable Protective Sheath
Cable Construction 7x7
Cable Thickness (mm) 3.5
Key Type Flat Key
Lock Management Standard
Lock Type Keyed
Optimised For Ease of Use
Warranty 5 Years


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